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Idaho Child Custody

Divorce and separation can be difficult topics to navigate – and this can be exacerbated when there are children involved in the situation. The law surrounding child custody cases can be complex and tricky to navigate – particularly when emotions are running high – and it is important that you have a lawyer who understands how Idaho family law works. That being said, it is important to get an Idaho Child Custody Lawyer involved at the early stages of the case.

How Idaho Custody Disputes are Determined

In Idaho, child custody disputes are determined by applying the best interest of the child standard. This means that the court will look at all of the circumstances of the case and make an assessment as to what would be best for the child. There are many factors that go into making this decision, including:

  • The age and health of the child
  • The wishes of the parents
  • The relationship between the child and each parent
  • The stability of the home environment
  • The employment history of the parents
  • Any criminal record or history of domestic violence of either party
  • Any drug use by either party
  • Any mental illness or disability of any party
  • The ability of the parents to provide for the needs of the child
  • Any other relevant factor which may affect the best interests of the child.
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Child Support

Child support is another important consideration in child custody cases and, if the parents cannot come to an agreement over child support, then the matter will be decided through the courts. The amount of child support will depend on the income of the parents, and how much time they spend caring for the child.

If the parents do not agree about the level of child support, then they can request a hearing before a judge. At this hearing, the judge will consider all of the evidence presented by both sides and they will then decide whether the child support should be set at a certain level, or whether it should be based on the guidelines provided by the state. As always, the decision made will be in the best interests of the child.

Can a Child Choose Custody in Idaho?

Idaho law allows children to state and express a preference as to their custody arrangement, but it is important to note that this will not automatically guarantee the outcome. Instead, the decision will be made through careful consideration of the facts, the situation, and the best interests of the child or children involved.

It should also be noted that the wishes of the child will only be considered in cases where the child in question is deemed to be of sufficient age and maturity to have a say in this type of decision – once again, this is a decision that will be made by the judge in question.

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Can Child Custody Orders Be Modified or Changed?

Once a child custody order has been put in place, parents will be able to file a request to make a change of modification, and this is a request made to the court. In many situations, however, the judge will not grant a change unless there has been a substantial amount of time since the original child custody order was made, or if there has been a major change in the material circumstances of each parent, such as a change in job, a move or an inheritance.

How Can We Help?

Child custody is emotive and tricky, and you need to ensure that you have the very best representation on hand to help you navigate a difficult case. Our team has a wealth of experience in child custody cases and family law, and will be there to answer your questions and help you to navigate the legal system, offering the best outcome for you and your family.

Our law firm is here to help you. Call our Meridian office today  208-218 8858 or Boise number at 208-900-6313 for a free consultation.

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